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Why Trust Lewis Cartage?

Trusted international movers since 1927.

Let us manage the difficult aspects of moving your goods internationally. Lewis Cartage offers complete international moving services including documentation and customs paperwork. 

Lewis Cartage has decades of experience handling international moves. We are one of the only movers in the area that specializes in international moving. As an Allied Van Lines partner, we have access to a global network of resources to ensure the job is completed on time. We want you to know that your international moving doesn’t have to be stressful. Let Lewis Cartage show you how the pros get it done.

United States Movers

Your Canada/USA moving experts.

Moving to or from the USA is of course more complex than domestic moves. There is a specific process that must be followed with regards to documentation and procedure when shipping goods across an international border. This process has tripped up many inexperienced moving companies. This is why you want an experienced mover on your side. Let Lewis Cartage manage your relocation the right way to minimize the chances of a problem crossing the border into or from the USA.

Global Relocation

Overseas moving is a task best left to the professionals.

We understand that as movers, we’re not just moving your stuff, we’re moving your life, and it’s a responsibility that we do not take lightly. International relocation is a difficult project that must be managed meticulously. Documentation must be carefully managed to ensure that there are no border delays. Each country has their own policies and procedures for how goods must enter and exit. 

For ocean shipments, your goods must be securely packed to ensure that no damage will be sustained during the bumpy journey to your new destination. We deal with all of the complex parts of the process including packing, palletizing and crating your goods as required, storing the container until it’s ready for delivery and coordinating delivery dates with the port of arrival.

Commercial Relocation

Move your business assets safely, and efficiently.

An international business move is a complex operation with many moving parts. From customs documentation to the logistics associated with transporting large volumes of goods, an international business relocation is a task best left to the prosfessionals. Commercial relocations require careful planning and execution to get the job done. Lewis Cartage has handled many international relocations and is well-equipped to get the job done safely and efficiently.